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Full Stack Developer

Equipment & Workstation
Headphones or Earbuds
Standing desk
27'' monitor
Herman Miller chair
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End-of-year bonus
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Personal trainer

Still curious?

What is like to work at Buildo?

We like to share moments of our life at Buildo on our Instagram profile.

You can learn more about our activities inside and outside the office, the people who work there and their points of view on the company, the technology, and our work.

I can’t find an open role that’s right for me. What should I do?

Don't worry! If you think Buildo might need you, go ahead and submit a spontaneous application. Please specify in the notes the value you could bring to Buildo and the role you envision for yourself.

Do you have full-remote positions?

Not exactly. Being together has always been part of Buildo's DNA. However, we have a hybrid remote work policy that considers our team's and the company's needs.

Employees are required to be physically present only on specific occasions, such as project days (one day a week dedicated to the main project the person is working on), Buildo days (one day a month), and on-site weeks (two weeks a year).

Additionally, we have introduced Remote Months, which allows our employees to work remotely for two months a year. This initiative allows our team members to spend time with their families or work from other locations across the globe.

Do you provide body rental service to your clients?

We do not provide body rental services to our clients. Building a high-performing development team is crucial for creating successful software products.

To achieve this, we take numerous steps to nurture a team that can realize your vision, from recruiting the right talent to cultivating a positive team culture. Therefore, we prefer establishing impactful, long-term partnerships through project-based collaborations rather than providing body rental services.

Do you hire foreign people?

Certainly! In Buildo, there are foreign team members.

However, we do require knowledge of the Italian language because it is the primary language used in the company, even though we use English extensively due to our international clients. Speaking Italian is not strictly necessary if you are applying for a collaboration rather than a full-time position. Regardless, we will do everything possible to make you feel welcome and part of the team! We greatly enjoy discovering diverse cultures that are different from our own.

Take a look at our blog; you'll find an article on this topic!