Tailor-made solutions in strict regulatory environments

We leverage market-specific technologies, such as FHIR and HL7, to deliver high-quality solutions through a strict quality process

Verification & validation

We adhere to a rigorous Quality Process that complies with ISO 9001 standards and incorporates a robust requirements management process. Additionally, our verification and validation procedures leverage modern tooling like Jama and Jira to ensure precision and efficiency.

Diagnostic excellence

With over ten years of experience developing software for laboratory diagnostics, we specialize in creating diagnostic products, including development and data platforms. Our expertise extends to cutting-edge interoperability software that employs FHIR and HL7 standards.

Cell Therapy Software



User research, stakeholder co-design, and design system together to deliver a highly complex domain software.

Design System Assessment


Accessibility Assessment

Gruppo San Donato

Looking for innovative solutions in Healthcare or Diagnostics?

At Buildo, we establish deep-rooted partnerships with entities in the healthcare and diagnostics sector, where the impact of precise, innovative solutions is profound. For clients in these fields, we craft custom software that addresses the intricate needs of patient data management, diagnostic analytics, and healthcare workflow efficiencies.

We’re committed to excellence and partnerships that foster growth, focusing on improving patient outcomes and healthcare delivery. Our healthcare clients benefit from solutions that meet current demands and adapt to future technological advances.

Journey further into our world of innovative endeavors

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