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Experience the fusion of innovation and security with Buildo's custom-developed systems for the finance and fintech industries

Big data & complex architectures

We specialize in creating sophisticated software with complex architectures, robust data platforms, and advanced machine learning for scalable, high-performance solutions in finance tailored to meet the diverse needs of the sector.

Omnichannel solutions

Our team possesses extensive experience in omnichannel solutions and a profound understanding of user banking experiences. We have developed a wide range of banking products and are well-versed in tailoring them to meet the specific needs of different countries.

AI-based Fraud Detection



Buildo, as a partner of Banksealer, led the development of the product, collaborating closely with Secure Network, a renowned cybersecurity company with a notable presence in fraud detection. Our approach involved an in-depth analysis of the domain, leveraging the detailed scientific research from Politecnico di Milano to develop a product that addresses the core challenges of financial fraud.

Looking for innovative solutions in Finance & Fintech?

We foster enduring ties with finance and fintech firms, focusing on innovation and custom solutions that boost productivity and adapt seamlessly into each client's specific ecosystem.

For our finance-focused clients, we create robust platforms that ensure secure transactions, data integrity, and compliance with evolving financial regulations, all while enhancing the user experience and facilitating scalable growth. Our commitment to excellence in the finance sector propels our partners toward long-term success and stability.

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